Bio Hazard and Trauma Cleaning

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Bio Hazards

Bio-hazards are all around us. Most often we don’t think about it and clean up with a paper towel or call a carpet cleaning company to extract water, urine or vomit ect. This happens all the time and it seems normal.  We don’t think about it being a problem BUT it is!

It takes the proper training to know how to deal with and discard these bio-hazards and to make the areas safe again.

Bio-hazards aren’t the only reason to call us. We can help keep diseases and sickness at bay before they start by cleaning and disinfecting the most common areas in your offices and homes.

Here are a few of the cleanings we can do:

  • Blood and body fluids clean up

  • Water Damage Clean Up

  • Raw Sewage Cleaning and Disinfection

  • MRSA Disinfection

  • Suicide clean up

  • Crime scene cleaning

  • Hoarder clean up

  • Vehicle clean up and disinfection

  • Public restrooms clean up

  • Gyms and training equipment

  • Large and small businesses

  • Restaurants 

Financial Help is Available

When someone dies, either by natural causes, suicide,homicide or accident, the affected areas need to be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of infectious diseases